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My passion for clay began in Derby, 25 years ago when I discovered an outcrop of Keuper Marl Clay in the University grounds. This ancient red clay dates back 200 million years to Triassic times. The sight of it filled me with awe and a deep sense of connection. I started making ritual journeys across Britain. During these journeys, I would carry a special sculptural container to hold and display gathered clay relics. 

Between 2004 and 2006 I studied for a Masters Degree at Oxford Brookes University, my final piece involved parachuting into an expanse of Ampthill Clay. Then in 2011 I dived 20 meters to retrieve China Clay from a shipwrecked cargo vessel. In 2018 I was awarded a PhD in Arts Practice from Plymouth University. During my studies, I explored clay in relationship to my own body.
Parent Rock and Clay Bellows are two projects created during this time.

In recent months my work has become more inward and spiritual. I am currently exploring how clay can be a channel for grief and have created an online
Grief Journal  to record this process.

In addition to my work as an artist I also work with The Ball Clay Heritage Society as an archivist and curator of their Facebook Page. 

Lu La Oct 22.jpg

If you'd like to view my PhD Thesis please click the link below 

The States and Status of Clay: Material, Metamorphic and Metaphorical Values.


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