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Wild Clay Wednesdays

These sessions run on Wednesdays during the summer and are popular with families. As a group we follow the hidden clues and traces to seek-out and discover deposits of Ball Clay. Then we use hand tools to dig quantities of the clay and make art on site from the earth itself. Emphasis is placed on clay's transformative qualities. As a material clay is tactile - it appeals to the senses, these qualities become more distinct when outside in nature. We learn how Ball Clay came into existence and what makes it so special. Participants may choose to create ephemeral artworks which disintegrate slowly back into the earth. Alternatively, they may take their work home with them, as a lasting memento of their wild clay encounter.


Sessions are two hours long. They start and finish at the Discovery Centre, Stover Country Park main entrance

If you would like further information please contact me via phone or email.

Tel: 07931410420


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WILD CLAY OFFERINGS 🙏_'Guardian of Ball Clay'_Created by participant (Wild Clay Wednesday

Stover Country Park

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