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Clay Spotting: No.2 Giant Clay Bust

Updated: May 18, 2020

Clay lies low, hidden beneath a cover of vegetation and topsoil. Occasional glimpses of clay can be seen in stream banks and roadside cuttings, but these are rare occurances. As 'Clay Spotter' I will report these sightings, share imagery and collate a celebratory listing of Devon clays.

Photo by Lu La Buzz (copyright 2019 Buzz)


Giant Clay Bust

This crumbly clay profile of a woman's head and shoulders is the fallout from an uprooted tree. The shape and colour of the clay is reminiscent of the tiny white

busts found on 18th Century Jasperware (made by Wedgwood).

Photo by Lu La Buzz (copyright 2019 Buzz)

Spotted at Stover Country Park (Nr Newton Abbot) 6th February 2019



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