I am an experienced PhD-qualified Performance Artist specialising in raw clay.


My facsination for clay began in 1992  when I discovered an outcrop of Keuper Marl clay in the grounds of the University of Derby. 

I dug the clay by hand and used sculptural methods to explore its materiality and embedded history. From this first encounter, I developed further site-specific projects exploring different seams of clay. In 1995 I designed and constructed the Time Consolidation Unit, this aluminium capsule on wheels accompanied me on rail journeys across Britain collecting clay from the last 400 million years of Earth History.


Other projects include the Continental Couplet (1999-2000) which united clay from Europe and America and Descending Strata (2004), where I led participants down a steep hill in order to reach the underlying Oxford Clay.

Touching Earth (2006) was set in the low-lying flats of Cambridgeshire. This project involved jumping from a plane and parachuting into an expanse of Ampthill Clay. 

In Recovering Drowned Clay (2011)  I retrieved China Clay from a sunken cargo vessel and in The Living Figurine (2013) I performed a series of seven postures, each one evoking the nature and characteristics of a prehistoric clay figurine.


I am currently developing a series of performances in the Bovey Basin (near Newton Abbot), which use meditative techniques and dowsing to uncover hidden pockets of Clay.


With my 'Clay Compass' at Stover Country Park 2019


2008-2018          PhD Arts Practice

                             University of Plymouth

2004-2006          MA Contemporary Art and Music    

                             (with Distinction)

                             Oxford Brookes University

1991-1995          BA (Hons) Applied Arts

                             University of Derby

Thesis title:

The States and Status of Clay:

Material, Metamorphic and Metaphorical Values.